This project is carried out by our friends and participation of several associations, organisations and artists.

Our goal is to create a network which gets easier mutual aid and highlights alternative practices between all in cultural and sportive domains. A handmade workshop is available for teaching.

Mapuche’s culture historical and paleontological exhibition

TAMAYA's museum is at Lebu, on the way to the famous “Caverna de Benavides”, where you will find the picturesque museum built by a craftsman.
Mineralogy and paleontology Room : this room will present you a collection of several species of worms, ammonites, snails and others mollusks fossils, found on the coast of the municipality, with a huge set of central zone mineralogy.
Lafquenche photography and archeology room : this room counts several exhibitions of devices coming from the original Mapuche silversmithery, found in different points of the region. You’ll also find a photograph register of this culture people gave to the museum.

Our partners :


Flyer Surfboards Chile is developing the latest technology applied to the surf . New distinct materials that note bright and easy to surf . environmentally conscious. Constantly study the interaction of complex waves - human, with the profound conviction that surfing is done for fun.


Adventure Service in the municipalities of Santa Bárbara , there Quilaco Alto Bio-Bio , tour and trekking guide. They tell you history, local myths and beliefs , culture and way of life . Here you have the opportunity to see and photograph flora and fauna up close. Kayaking mountainbiking there .


Open Travel is a group of people passionate by nature and journey. Their main goal is to offer a sustainable tourism supporting local economy. They organize horse ridings and trekkings in the Lakes District of the X Region.




Photography - Cinématography - Design

Partners abroad:


Ride A Bar “The Community of seasonal workers of France Great South West”, as well as their partners and artists in other countries. Organisation of cultural and sportive meetings, plus festivals.
Ridub’art has been created in the purpose to promote young artists from French South region.



BDXBMX Flatland school has for mission to develop flat BMX on Bordeaux and around. Their vocation is to popularize BMX thanks to initiations and learning methods adapted to everyone. BDXBMX proposes flat BMX demonstrations for all your events.


Labelepok is a collectives of artists, a multitude of individuality, an association, aiming for escort the production and promotion of culturals subjects.Music, videos, events, performances, open project, LBK is composed for the moment of fifteen persons and teeming surroundings. Sharing theirs Hip-Hop vibes whereever it would be good to live.


Green Dawa This band has emerged from involved Bordeaux scene. They sing in French and English, on a cheerful rhythm through their percussions proposing a festive reggae where the accordionist offers, in the company of the saxophonist, a very few used style in the Roots Rock Reggae. Explosive sounds for atmosphere guaranteed !