Surf school in Chile

The REBÚSQUEDAS surf school was established for helping mountains and aquatic sports integration. Through sportive and cultural meetings, we propose several teachings to bind physical activity and nature protection.

Together, with cooperation of the TAMAYA Museum, we found the school in the handcraft workshop provided in Benavides area, to offer the discovery and practice of activity, safely.
Renting and classes of surf and bodyboard
Adventure and cultural activities
Trekking in the mountains around

The possibility to make linguistic practices when discovering preparations for traveling, and get organized at a low cost. Depending on the adventure proceedings, you can come back home with a folkloric experience in mind.

All along the summer season in the Biobio Region, find out a peaceful place where children, craftsmen, locals and visitors can meet, exchange and share a dynamic with activities for all.

Learn to surf

Throughout the summer season, discover a progressive teaching in accordance with each one's aptitudes. A profesional team is here to provide all their experience to you with an eye to get you progressing to your rythm, in security, with gears adapted to your progresion.



The possibility to make linguistic practices when discovering craftman tecnics, knowing and learning craft.



Through sportive and cultural activities, promote the pratice of aquatics and alpines sports